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Which Pressure Washer is Right For You

Pressure washers have a massive range of everyday uses and in recent years have become very reasonably priced. They are an absolute must for the family man. Not to mention they are very cool to use.

The PRESSURE WASHER right for you depends on the job you’re going to use it for.  Here are a few popular uses:


It doesn’t matter that your flowers are in bloom if they are surrounded by blackened concrete slabs! PRESSURE WASHERS lift away years of grime and muck, returning your patio to its clean shiny beginnings and adding a new lease of life to your garden. Adding in a chemical cleaner will disinfect your patio at the same time – perfect for the family home. While you’re at it, blast away the green sludge on your furniture, ready to sit on your gleaming patio just in time for your first barbecue of the summer. Then you can CLEAN THE BARBECUE to a sparkling new finish.


Have you ever spent hours cleaning your car only to find there is dirt that just won’t shift?  PRESSURE WASHERS will tackle this easily, and will also make light work of encrusted tyres and rims, removing all the grit and grime that accumulates on long journeys.


Since you bought your boat it has just never looked the same.  Barnacles, fur and green discolourations combine to age your boat and make it look tarnished.  A PRESSURE WASHER will make your boat beautiful again and, if used regularly, will prevent the harmful effects of oxidation and salt from taking hold.


Nothing ruins the front façade of a house more than a dirty driveway; weeds and filth reflect badly on your house as a whole.  Kill the weeds, blast the dirt and disinfect the driveway with a powerful PRESSURE WASHER, then you can park your brand new motor where it deserves to be parked.

That’s not all – you can also use yourPRESSURE WASHER to clean out gutters, clean woodwork, clean brickwork, wash out water butts or clean farm machinery. And that is really just the beginning.

PRESSURE WASHERS come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are differentiated by their power output.  This is measured by pressure (measured in bar) and flow rate (measured in ltr/hour or ltr/minute); on sub-industrial models, bar will vary in range from 90 to 140 and flow rate from about 6 litres to 10 litres.  

The list below indicates the type of washer you will need:

100-110 Bar (try the KARCHER 3.65 – comes with a range of accessories as standard):
Garden furniture

110-120 Bar (with lots of power and a small footprint, the KARCHER HD 5/12 C is very suitable):

120-130+ Bar (the KARCHER K7.85 is perfect for these tasks – it has a max bar of 160):
Farm machinery
Heavily encrusted tyres and wheels

You may also wish to consider:

  • The location of the water and electricity supplies; you’ll need a PRESSURE WASHER that is able to reach both;
  • A detergent tank for using a variety of solutions to tackle tough problems;
  • Storage for lances, accessories and cables;
  • Auto stop/start features that will prolong the life of your pressure washer motor.

Once you’ve got your pressure washer you’ll want to follow some basic safety tips; don’t forget you’ll be working with jets of water which can travel at over 300mph!

  • Never aim the jet at people or animals;
  • Wear protective clothing and GOGGLES – PRESSURE WASHERS can turn stones into dangerous projectiles;
  • ALWAYS use RCD protection when using a PRESSURE WASHER, even if plugging your PRESSURE WASHER into the mains far away from where you’re cleaning.

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