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17” green microfibre floor pad

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17″ Green Floor Pads

-professional quality 17″ green floor pads

-suitable for scrubbing most types of floors

-suitable to use with all low speed scrubbers

-suitable for removing polish & hard scrubbing

-suitable for domestic and commercial jobs

17″ Green Floor Pads – Where to use

The green pad is a floor pad suitable for heavy duty scrubbing or polish stripping. Not as rough as the black pad but not as soft as the blue floor pad. The 17″ floor pad is the ideal floor pad for stripping polish or sealants from marmoleum, vinyl, amtico, lino, wood floors. It will remove up to 3 coats of polish at once without damaging the floor surface. Highly recommended for commercial use. Do not use on laminate floors or very sensitive floors. To be used “only” with low speed floor buffers or scrubbers.

17″ Green Floor Pads – How to use

When stripping polishes or sealants, please apply the flor stripper with about 10 minutes before buffing. Use an edging pad for areas around the skirting or narrow corners and use the 17″ green floor pad to break the polish on open spaces. Depending on the type of floor, you might have to go over the surface 2 to 3 times. Stay at least 2 seconds on the same spot. Some floors might require a few stripping operations to fully remove the polish.

When cleaning floors you can wet the floor with a mop, scrub the floor with a 17″ green floor pad and extract the waste with a wet vac. You can also use the 17″ green floor pad with a scrubber dryer that wets, scrubs and extracts the moist instant. The green pad is the ideal floor pad for scrubbing hard floors, natural stone floors, ceramic tiles, etc. Instant results without any risk of damaging the floor.


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