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Bolsius® Pillar Candle 6 (148/78 (6’s) Ivory) 6” x 3”

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The real classic among the candles
Easy to combine with various candles
Available in various elegant colours

Low smoke – Low drip
Suitable for use with holders
Easy to relight evening after evening
Large flame and a soft light
Pillar candles for use with or without candle holders. Ideal for either casual or formal occasions. Made from high quality materials to prevent smoking and dripping.

EYE-PLEASING UNSCENTED LONG LASTING CANDLES – Create a luxury experience for every occasion with Bolsius Ivory unscented pillar candles. Our pillar candle set enhances the appearance and prevents it from dripping or melting away fast.

PERFECT CENTERPIECE CANDLES FOR DECORATIONS – Our wedding candles are perfect for impressing the guests in wedding, parties, spas and home gatherings. The unscented votive candles will also make the ambiance romantic at candlelight dinner. Our Ivory candles pillar feature a classic, smooth sided texture that makes them ideal for adding a whiff of allure to your home, business, or special event.

PREMIUM QUALITY LEAD-FREE DRIPLESS CANDLES – Bolsius unscented candle pack are of highest quality wax, and pure cotton wick, which prevents it from dripping and melting fast and our Ivory pillar candle features cotton wicks which help the clean burning candles to burn clean and smoke-free.


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