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E-spray 1.8 l epdm battery pressure sprayer



New design rechargeable lithium battery powered foam sprayer is perfect car washing tool, as well as for many other cleaning applications. No hassle for pump, no expanse for pressure wash machine, this handy battery foam sprayer can fully cover your be-loved vehicle in a snap. Built-in 2500mAh lithum battery is rechargeable with a common USB cable (included). There is a LED indicate light besides power button, one full charge can last upto 1 hour continuous spraying.

This battery foam sprayer is ready to use just out of box, just fill in prefered cleaner diluent, press the power button and waiting for air pump working to pressusize the bottle. The next to do is just let the foam fly!

The nozzle is adjustable to a vertical or horizontal fan shape, efficiently foam coat both side and top-bottom of car panels. The pump features continuous spraying without interval time, it automatically starts to build pressure inside bottle once the pressure getting low. Spraying rich foam on the whole car body without experiencing annoying dropping or throwing-up type foam, which may occor on other hand pump foam sprayers. The power button and charge inlet is covered by soft rubber to avoid electric shortage, as well as the whole electrical circuit board is water-proof treated.

This battery (electrical) hand held foam sprayer is CE approved. After each use, simply turn off power button and lift up the air release valve on top to let residual gas out, then unscrew the top head for maintainence.

Other than car wash, this battery foam sprayer also can be used for cleaning window, kitchen, toilet etc. It also comes with a extra mist water nozzle, simply replace it on following user manual’s instruction and start watering in garden.

This is an original design battery foam sprayer with perfect finish and durability. OEM with customized logo and color box is available.

How to set up battery foam sprayer?
Read the user manual carefully.
Charge the foam sprayer with included USB cable, charge with either a cell phone charger or a car cigar lighter adapter.
Fill in cleaner diluent.
Screw up the top and make sure it’s tight.
Put the O-ring on position(important), then connect on nozzle wand, adjust nozzle to vertical or horizontal position and screw on tightly.
Pressure power button, the air pump automatically stops after pressure reachs the maximum.
Start to snow foam your cars!
After work, turn off power button, lift up pressure release valve to let residual gas out.
(Below is optional for water mist nozzle)
Rinse the bottle and fill in plain water, remove the black tip on end of dip tube and re-insert dip tube on.
Change to mist nozzle.(don’t forget the O-ring seal between sprayer head and nozzle.)
Press power button to spray mist or stream by rotating front nozzle tip.
How to maintainence this battery foam sprayer?
Because there is cotton-made foam generator build in the nozzle, dry-out foam may decrease its lifespam and may cause blockage. So maintainence after each work is encouraged. Simply rinse bottle a few times and fill in bottle with plain water, restart foam sprayer and spray for 1 mins. Disassemble nozzle from top head and storage them in bag after wind-dry.

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