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Liquidator 2.0 channels & Dura-Flex® Soft rubber – 25cm / 10″

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Tired of having to detail the edges of the window? Want to get rid of those annoying waterdrops that get left behind in the corners? Liquidator 2.0® is the solution!

The Liquidator 2.0® is an angled edge channel and unique in its kind. Developed with window cleaners for window cleaners. The end clips of the Liquidator 2.0® are designed for wiping a window much more efficiently without having to detail the edges.

Fixed end clips are frame-friendly
Lightweight aluminum material
Handle alignment dots
Fits all handles

The Liquidator 2.0® works great on all kinds of windows: thick or thin rubber seals, old or new steel edges, all types of frames…
ensures smooth and easy performances without excessive strain on arms and shoulders – even after hours of intensive window cleaning.

For optimal performance of your Liquidator 2.0®:

Center your original Liquidator rubber in the channel
Use enough detergent, best applied directly to the sleeve
Put minimum pressure for best results
Get a feel for the right technique
No detailing the edges of the window

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