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Safety Goggles

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Protective Eye Goggles
Protective Eye Goggles are ideal for use in a variety of settings including Clinical and Laboratory Environments. Effective as part of your Personal Protective Equipment within the workplace and ensuring you meet C.O.S.H.H standards where applicable. These goggles are compact, lightweight and cost effective. Ideal for use within the construction and mechanical industries as well as healthcare. The Tough Polycarbonate lens of the goggles offer high resistance to impact from flying particles while allowing the free movement of air. The goggles have a contoured wide face area for a secure and comfortable soft fit for all users. Conforms to EN 166.1.B. A very cost effective choice that provides great protection.

Product Details:
Protect against large flying particles
Ideal for construction and mechanical applications as well as during the use of chemicals
A compact lightweight goggle
Touch poly carbonate lens offering high resistance from flying particles
Impact, scratch and liquid and dust resistant
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