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santoemma CHARIS DUAL BRUSH carpet machine



Charis-DUAL is a patented self-contained machine for cleaning middle areas of carpet, with several innovative features.

With Charis-DUAL it is possible to perfectly clean a 40cm stripe of carpet, in a single pass. Thanks to its 2 counter-rotating brushes, the dirt is removed from the base of carpet fibres. It is also possible to adjust the brush pressure, according to the type of carpet. The water-flow can be adjusted, for a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restoration deep-cleaning.

Santoemma high waterlift vacuum system allows an excellent removal of the dirt and a shortest drying time: carpet can be dry in one hour!

With only 60 decibel, it is possible to work without disturbing other people.

The patented “click” system allows to manoeuvre the machine in a lightest way. It is possible to work for many hours without effort.

With Charis-DUAL it is also possible to perform a deep pre-brushing of carpet before extraction cleaning, which is useful for very dirty carpet areas.

Adding the patented SMARTKIT system, it is possible to perform automatic chemical dosing, carpet pre-spraying and rinsing. Using the chemical MICRO-KILL chemical you can quickly sanitize the carpet.

The optional squeegee SQ720E allows to clean hard floor, moving forward. Charis-DUAL is transformed in a powerful scrubber drier, with 2 cylindrical brushes. Extra brushes, specific for hard floor cleaning, are also available.

Cleaning width
40 cm

Max. performance
350 m²/h

Tank capacity
35/35 litres

Max. waterlift
3400 mm H20

For cleaning companies, hotels, conference halls, restaurants, clubs, pubs, offices, banks, shops, cinemas, theatres, ferry boats, ships, airports, fitness centres, school, universities, shopping centres, places of worship, mosques and all places with middle-sized surfaces of carpet.

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