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TVC Sprintus HEPA Commercial Vacuum Cleaner



Discover the new age of professional cleaning
The ERA series sets new standards in the industry and symbolises a new ERA in professional cleaning. Unprecedented features are finding their way into the new model series, which consists of the three models, EVO, TEC and PRO, and differ primarily with regard to how they are equipped. In addition to the striking modern and open design, all models combine the integrated cable rewind and whisper-quiet operation. The top model, ERA TEC, shines with unique selling points, such as a USB connection including a mobile phone charging function and a filter compartment for spare filter bags. The ERA PRO with an integrated touch display is aligning itself with the topic of industry 4.0 for the first time and is the world‘s first digital dry vacuum cleaner with a Bluetooth connection and a cloud-based fleet management system.

The world’s first dry vacuum cleaner that rises to the challenges of Industry 4.0
With the first-time digitisation of commercial dry vacuum cleaners, the ERA PRO dry vacuum cleaner by SPRiNTUS sets new benchmarks in professional cleaning.
The interactive touch display can be customised with your logo using the SPRiNTUS APP. In this way, new customers can be acquired, and the corporate design can be adapted and underscored. A language selection (DE, ENG, FR, IT) can be made. In the event of a fault, solution suggestions are shown on the display.

In combination with the integrated Bluetooth interface, important device data such as operating hours, daily run time, location data can be transferred into the cloud-based fleet management and connected to commonly used ERP systems. Run times can be checked with the touch of a button, and property calculations can be adapted.

In the display, additional data can be stored and called up, e.g. Property, user and customer data.

The user can call up spare parts drawings, user manuals, data sheets and other device data at any time.

SPRiNTUS browser-based fleet management system allows you to centrally manage all ERA PRO dry vacuum cleaners and keep an eye on everything at all times.
In the general overview, all basic information concerning your ERA PRO is shown in a compact manner. You can call up data relevant for each ERA PRO, such as location, property names, users, daily run times, maintenance dates, such as the BGV A3 for example, or faults at any time. With the synchronisation via the SPRiNTUS APP, all data is displayed in real time in the web portal.

In the detail view, you have access to all relevant reports concerning your ERA PRO. This helps you to make the right decisions and keep your fleet in optimal operational condition. Other cleaning equipment located on the property can be created and be centrally managed via the web portal.

Your advantages at a glance:
Overview of the status and run times of all devices
Faults and maintenances are displayed individually
Visualisation of the devices by map on a property basis
Extensive software functions and reports
Professional, customisable interface for all common ERP systems

Incl. telescopic tube, 2.5m suction hose, fleece filter basket, HEPA13 fleece filter bag, HEPA13 filter cartridge, crevice nozzle, combined upholstery / furniture nozzle, 280mm combi nozzle, power cable, 12m pluggable, signal red

Standard accessories:
Telescopic tube, stainless steel, 0.6-1.0 m
Suction hose complete, 2,5m
Energy combi nozzle, 280mm
Upholstery / furniture nozzle
Crevice nozzle, 230mm
Fleece filter basket
HEPA 13 filter cartridge
Power cable, 12m, pluggable, signal red


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