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wrapmaster dispenser 300

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Looking for a practical way to preserve your ingredients? Then the Wrapmaster 4500 cling film and foil dispenser is a must-have. Without the need for direct contact with cling film or foil during dispensing, the Wrapmaster greatly reduces the risk of bacteria transfer to food items – helping to keep your dishes bacteria-free.

With a sharp cutting blade, the Wrapmaster accurately dispenses cling film or foil tangle-free every time too.

And thanks to the compact size, the dispenser is perfect for your bar or food-preparation countertops where space is limited.

High quality Wrapmaster catering foil refills.
Available in a case of three, the Wrapmaster foil rolls are refills for the Wrapmaster 4500 dispenser.

Wrapmaster foil is suitable for use as a cooking-wrap on meat, or grill-pan lining, or to wrap food for refridgeration and freezer stoarage.

The Wrapmaster dispenser offers effortless dispensing with a perfect, tangle-free cut every day.

Key Features:

Wrapmaster 4500 catering foil refill rolls
3x cling film refills
Aluminium foil
High quality
Suitable for wrapping, covering, lining fridges and freezers
Size: 18″ / 45cm wide (90m long, each roll)


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